APSCE News (Mar 2016)

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Welcome to the first Issue of APSCE News of 2016!

Carrying on previous years’ work, APSCE News 2016 strives to provide a good platform where APSCE members can be best informed with the latest news of the Society and international communities of Research on computers in education.

The news items of Mar 2016 issue include:


1.  ICCE 2016 is organized by the Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education (APSCE). ICCE 2016 will be held in IIT Bombay, Mumbai India, from Nov 28th(Mon) to Dec 2nd(Fri) 2016. Pre-conference events will be conducted on the first two days. The main conference will begin on Nov 30th 2016. the conference website is http://www.et.iitb.ac.in/icce2016/


Check the conference flyer at http://www.et.iitb.ac.in/icce2016/files/icce2016_flyer.pdf


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  1. APSCE Executive Committee (2016) formed


For sub-committee members please refer to http://www.apsce.net/committees.php?id=2178d44e-2810-4a17-a077-02812e8833c6

2. ICLS 2016 will be held Singapore from 20 to 24 June 2016 

National Institute of Education Singapore is to host the 12th International Conference of the Learning Sciences from 20 to 24 June 2016.  Check out the website: https://www.isls.org/icls/2016/index.html




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