APSCE News (July 2014)

Dear APSCE members,

Welcome to APSCE Newsletter!

The new issue of APSCE interactive newsletter is coming. Built on previous work, APSCE News seeks to be a better platform for APSCE members to interact and connect, and to be updated with the latest news of the Society and international communities of Research on computers in education.

The news items included in July 2014 issue are:

– Conferenceconference

1. ICCE 2013 International Program Committee Report

2. GCCCE 2014 Ended in Success

3. ITS 2014


– Announcement

1. ICCE 2014 Preview annoncement

2. T4E 2014 Preview

3. ICLS 2014: A Glimpse of Program Schedule

4. ICT4LL 2014: Call for Papers

5. ICETC 2014: Call for Papers

For all news items, please refer to APSCE News HOME


If you have any news to share with APSCE  members or suggestions for APSCE Newsletter, please let us know via apscenews@hotmail.com or wenli.chen@nie.edu.sg


Look forward to your comments!

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