APSCE News (Dec 2013)

Dear APSCE members,imagesCA2UZ05F

Welcome to APSCE Newsletter!

This newly released issue brings you the latest news about the people and events of the society and other conferences that may be of interest to APSCE members.

Hope you enjoy it!

Current News:

(For all news items, please refer to APSCE News Home)

– Society & Member society

1. Message from APSCE President

2. Society Member News

meeting     – Conference

      ICCE 2013 Snapshots


– Scholarship & Awardscholarship

1. ICCE 2013 Merit Scholarship Recipient Report by Amir Shareghi Najar

2. ICCE 2013 Merit Scholarship Recipient Report by Kwok Wai Ying

annoucement– Announcement

1. Call for Papers: GCCCE2014

2. Call for Papers: ACEC 2014

3. Call for Papers: IIAI-LTLE2014

4. Call for Papers: CollabTech 2014

5. Call for Proposals: ICLS 2014


Look forward to your comments!

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